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Lifetime Companion

I would like to grow old with you
To talk to you
To share with you anything and everything

I’d like you to be my closest friend
My secret keeper
My shield
The shoulder I can lean on

I’d like you to be the one who makes me cry
And the one who comforts me

I’d love for you to be my companion for a lifetime

The Years

You’re tired bones crackle
Not as young as before
The years have not always been good and easy
But you look back,
With fondness
With happiness
Because the years had been fruitful
Not perfect
But the greatest there ever was

Backwards Time Machine

Oh the young ones

They can’t wait to grow up

But I was not among those who wished to grow

Peter Pan was my hero

Oh how I wished he’d whisk me away

“Off to Neverland!”, I used to say


But gone are those days

Do I wish to be young again?


I wish to be a child

To be innocent

To play and enjoy

To live life the way it is supposed to be

Everlasting Cup

So I took the everlasting cup

As I took a sip and held it up

My life that went by, I saw

Things that I loved and regretted, all felt so raw

Each one flashed like a lightning or a page

I took it all in as I slowly saw myself grow with age

The everlasting cup I threw

Cause you see, I’d love to grow old with you

The Number Called Age

Another year to be the wiser

The older you get, you should be a little nicer

Grouchy as ever, are you ever going to change?

You seem less happier each year, which is strange

Be happy for another year, be proud of your age

Don’t try to hide it now, the world is your stage


Be glad you are growing older, enjoy every minute

Don’t be sour, life is great so enjoy it!

Everyday I Age

Everyday….I age

And everyday…I look forward to being mature

In action, emotions and thought

Everyday….I age

And I see more beauty than when I was younger

I appreciate more the things money cannot buy

Everyday….I age

And I enjoy each moment never wasting it like the younger ones do

Everyday I age……I become a better person

Extra Life

I’ll never wish to live a thousand lives

I’ll never want immortality

I’d like to see myself grow old with grace

See the years pass on this face

I’ll never wish to be young forever

I’ll never want to live forever

I’d like to see the wrinkles of maturity

And die with great serenity

Age may just be a number

Yet I know my days are numbered

Still I will never ask for an extra life

Because this one is all I’ll ever want

I shrivel and I wilt for all things grow old

What, you too will slow down

and take your step one at a time


The world will become too fast

and everything you’ve done would seem like a blur

You counted the days and could not wait

but now you start to wish they’d slow down


Your colors and mine are changing

from green to yellow and later on brown

That’s how things are,

best to let it be

Like She Has

The wrinkles on her face show the road she has taken

Rough, dusty

Her aching bones show her strength

The determination to stand each time she falls


I can only pray I grow gracefully like she has


Back From Neverland

‘Twas there that I met him

There were I grew and learned

The place unlikely for a girl to learn

What it is to be an adult


I wanted to stay a child, just like that


But fate had its own way


I wanted to be with him

Wanted to stay

He was my first love

But I had to leave

To move on

To grow


I chose to age

To grow in grace

To be mature

To learn from the adventures

that we had


He is more than a memory

The boy who flew

He taught me things

He never thought he knew


And so here I am

Rocking on a chair

Staring at the brightest star to the left

Feeling the weight of age

For this is my choice

For people are supposed to grow old

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