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Round and round it is
I bite, I tear
I munch
I savor it

Coffee, milk, tea or juice
It goes well with almost anything.
It is a joy in every bite.
And once I’m done,
I only beg for more

He told me I was beautiful and I believed him.
He said I’d be gorgeous if I were a bit more slim.
I took his words and did my best,
To try and make jealous of the rest.
I hardly ate, exercised a lot but even then,
He had eyes for others so that was when,
I decided to give him up.
I realized my happiness would not stop
If I let him go.

He said I was beautiful and I took the compliment,
But never will I ever let his words be my supplement
To my happiness

Skinny Jeans

She looks at the mirror
Not liking what she sees
If only she were thinner
She’d have men on their knees

She holds her breath
Sucks her stomach in
Doesn’t hold too long for fear of death
She looks at her own skin

She stops, breathes deep
Takes the one size bigger
It fits her fine, it’s the one she’ll keep
Because she’s happier even when she’s not one size thinner

Maria Michaela

You’re not enough
You’re not worth it
You will never be skinny enough
You are doomed for fatness
You will never lose enough
You are nothing but a joke

Thank you for bringing my self esteem to its lowest low

I am tempted
I am tested
I hold my ground
For fear of an increasing pound
But food is deliciously yummy
Whether junk food or something healthy
I need and have to lose some weight
I got to work and not just leave it to fate

Tell me
Am I pretty?
Do I have to be sexy?
What do you see?
Do you see differently?
Do you see beyond flesh and at what’s worthy?
Or are you like them, the rest of society?
What does it take to be called a beauty?
I wonder, can you tell me?

Pounds Off

Never did I thought it possible
But now I come to see
I will reach my goal
I will be healthier
I will be better

I count the calories
I weigh the scale
I am becoming more and more obsess
I know I have to control this
I know there is a limit
But to achieve what has never been, I have to do this

I fall into the pit
The one I did not want to fall into
It is a decision I made
No backimg out now
No end, not until the goal is met

I think too much of slimming down
I’m close to obsession
I just want to be physically healthy
But does that mean I have to be mentally ill?
I do not know anymore
I feel helpless

Weight Less

I would like to be
Like those girls on TV
Strike a pose for the cover of a magazine
That would be wonderful, that would be something
To be called sexy, beautiful
No more of the fat and feeling awful
I know I could be more
If I could only be other than what I was before

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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