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Hey folks! I’ve been feeling so off these past few days. It’s unlike the burn outs I’ve felt in the past wherein I just need a few minutes or about an hour or a day and I get rhythm again. Since last Friday, I’ve been feeling it but with the weekend, I was able to ignore it

When Monday came, however, its ugly head came back and yesterday, I had a bit of trouble breathing. I was working from home so I stopped for a bit and took slow deep breaths. It wasn’t a panic or anxiety attack. It was more of a deep sadness, tiredness and well, deep burn out, for the lack of better terms.

I’ve talked to friends, my brother and mom about how I’ve been feeling. Today was a little better but there’s still a bit left over of this awful feeling. I’m not up to it today to post poems or anything of the sort.

I am hoping some inspiration helps me get my rhythm back. Take care everyone. 💙