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Noche Buena*

We gather and give thanks for all the blessings
We feast in His honour
This is the most joyous time for all of us
Families are brought together from near and far
And for those who are far away, we pray that they be kept safe until once more they are home
It is a wondrous time indeed!
We stay awake until very late, awaiting the time of His arrival
And in the morning, gifts will be opened and leftovers shared once more
© Maria Michaela

*The English translation of the Spanish term Noche Buena is “good night.” In the simplest terms, Noche Buena is a Christmas Eve celebration for Christian populations. (It’s not to be confused with Media Noche, which refers to a lavish midnight feast that takes place on New Year’s Eve.) Noche Buena is a time for family and friends to gather and eat, drink, be merry, and—for some—celebrate the religious component of the holiday, the birth of Jesus. (TAKEN FROM: Oprah Daily)

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