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Hypnotized (Love Struck)

Image credit; Cottonbro studios @ Pexels

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows the silhouettes of a man and woman facing each other. In the background there are black and white concentric circles.

With one look you are mesmerized
Suddenly in a trance
You have been hypnotized

In a dazed and can hardly speak
Such a foreign feeling
Heart pounding and knees weak

Love struck!
It would seem

© Maria Michaela

Does this picture inspire you to write something? Check the link for Sadje’s What do you see # 165


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Spam Comment

I don’t get as much spam in WordPress these fays compared to when I started out. Ever since I got spam comments, I made sure to review the comments before they are posted. This week, however, I am joining Fandango’s Spam Comment Of The Week as the below comment was done in one of my posts.

Before I reported it as spam, I took a screenshot. Maybe some of you are into crypto? I don’t encourage you to contact this person/bot/spammer though.