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End of (2022)

A new year will soon begin, leaving the old one

We look back not believing the triumphs we’ve accomplished and learning from the losses

Some end the new year with a twinge of sadness

Others with a happier note

But we all continue to be hopeful

© Maria Michaela

Happy new year folks! Thank you for sharing 2022 with me. I appreciate all my WordPress friends and the beautiful community that we have here. Praying for a fruitful new year to us all!

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Don’t Get A Dog

Don't get a dog
for they help take away the sadness
But when they are the one's taken away, you'll grieve deeply and cry until you're sore

Don't get a dog
for their playfulness will rub on you
The times when you are too tired to play with them will haunt you when they've gone

Don't get a dog
as they will teach you many things
You'll learn patience and learn to love unconditionally

Don't get a dog
they are too precious and innocent
When you look into their eyes, you will see complete trust and realize you are the world to them

Lastly, don't get a dog
for they are far too loyal
They will fill your heart with so much love that when they grow old and pass away, it will break to a billion pieces

© Maria Michaela
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Bogart II

Goodbye to you too, just days before new year

You’re now gone but in my heart, you are here

You would’ve been thirteen come tenth of January

But now, you’re off to the cemetery

I reminisce the days we used to play

We would race and you’d always win. Oh! Those were the days

I’m in pieces as both of you have now gone

And just before the year is done

I’ll be crying every now and then

And will look forward to the time that we’ll meet again

© Maria Michaela

Sad news today. My brother sent a message in our family group chat telling us that our other dog has also passed. Both our dogs are now on their way to the rainbow bridge. I imagine they’re both happily playing with each other again.

Bogart II
January 10, 2010 to December 29, 2022

Bogart and me just March of this year. Bogart was my older brother’s dog. We kept him at our home for many years prior to my brother getting married and moving a couple hours away from us. Like our other dog, Lily, he too was a good dog and was good at guarding the family.
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Good Dog

I still look down whenever I open the screen door

I’m still expecting you’d be there to greet me

That cute little face, either excited to go out to pee or calm and just waiting to see what I’ll do

You loved our short walks

I loved them too

I think I still need to cry some more

I’m moving on, moving forward

You will never be forgotten, never

You were such a good dog and good company

Thank you for helping us get through some tough times

Until we meet again

© Maria Michaela

Apologies this is not as upbeat or happy as most of my posts. I just miss our little doggie who recently passed.

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The presents have been given and have been received

Happily we opened them to some surprise and delight

© Maria Michaela

Image credit; Monstera @ Pexels

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a brown box, with red ribbon on it and a tag saying “ Open me”

For Sadje’s What Do You See #166 #Whatdoyousee #WDYS

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Sleep your forever sleep and know that these tears are cause we’ll miss you
In doggie heaven, there’s no more pain
You can run as freely as you want now
Cross that rainbow bridge
Play as much as you want
I believe we will see each other again
You were loved
You are loved
Rest well our little guard dog
© Maria Michaela

Beloved pet and family member
03 March 2011 – 25 December 2022

Found the photo I’ve been looking for. She never stood still for long so I’m glad I got this photo of her from early this year.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. Our little Lily girl has left us last night. She was surrounded by her family who loved her dearly.

She was tough as nails and tried to hold on as long as she could. We prayed for her healing but healing is not always the way we want. Now, she is no longer in pain. We feel her presence around us. For the days and years to come, there will be a hole in our hearts. But we will always be looking back with fondness with the time we had with her.

Eleven years in dog years is pretty long, I guess. It’s never enough when one is grieving though.

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Noche Buena*

We gather and give thanks for all the blessings
We feast in His honour
This is the most joyous time for all of us
Families are brought together from near and far
And for those who are far away, we pray that they be kept safe until once more they are home
It is a wondrous time indeed!
We stay awake until very late, awaiting the time of His arrival
And in the morning, gifts will be opened and leftovers shared once more
© Maria Michaela

*The English translation of the Spanish term Noche Buena is “good night.” In the simplest terms, Noche Buena is a Christmas Eve celebration for Christian populations. (It’s not to be confused with Media Noche, which refers to a lavish midnight feast that takes place on New Year’s Eve.) Noche Buena is a time for family and friends to gather and eat, drink, be merry, and—for some—celebrate the religious component of the holiday, the birth of Jesus. (TAKEN FROM: Oprah Daily)

This is a scheduled post as it is very likely I will be busy or am busy. I’ll catch up with your posts soon. Take care everyone. Stay safe. Spread love and kindness. 🌷💙

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Misa de Gallo (Dawn Mass)

We wake up very early to hear the dawn mass

It starts on the 16th of December, nine days it’ll last

Some start at three in the morning, most at four thirty

This is something we look forward to, absolutely!

And on the 24th, midnight mass is celebrated

Welcoming Christmas, a holiday that is much awaited

© Maria Michaela

Misa de Gallo is a Spanish word that literally means rooster’s mass but better translated to as dawn mass. This is because roosters crow at dawn and signals the time to get up and get ready for the day.

In the Philippines, we also call this Simbang Gabi or Night Mass even when it’s done at dawn. Some churches this year, however, have night masses apart from the dawn mass, to control the number of mass goers.

After the mass, most of us eat puto which is paired with sikwate to keep our tummies warm. Some would eat bread paired with coffee too.

Featured image from Davao Catholic Herald

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Christmas Village

The smell of apples fill the air

Some pine cones and chestnuts come through too

The beautiful familiar scents of Christmas is in the air

The bells toll to jingle bells and carolers sing in harmony

The houses are lit up nicely, inviting you to come and be cosy

A beautiful sight to behold

As my jolly soul is lifted

© Maria Michaela

I’ve always loved those miniature Christmas village. Back in 2016, one of the malls here in the Philippines did a display and the little kid in me was just giddy. Some photos below.

Also, I’d like to spend Christmas in Switzerland someday.