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Through the Doorway

She was not cut out to be a monster
She wasn't even cut out to be a ghoul
Trying to scare humans was a disaster
She felt icky sucking their souls

Everyone thought she was a disgrace
Her family was close to disowning her
She just didn't have a scary face
Nor did she have scales or fur

She sat in the attic and suddenly there opened a doorway
Through it was the most beautiful place she has ever seen
She decided to go, go to that place far away
There, the air was crisp and clean

So, the girl who couldn't be a monster or a ghoul
Found a place that she belonged, the place where the air was cool

© Maria Michaela
Image credit; Mick Haupt @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a doorway in a brick wall. Beyond the doorway, you can see a garden view, extending back to the mountains.

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See #158


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Random Love (Repost)

My random heart and my random thoughts

Randomly remembers you…

… And almost all the things you randomly did

To make me laugh just randomly.

I cry randomly,

Because I remember the hurt

And because I know I could never love anybody else as randomly as you.

© Maria Michaela

For SueW and GC’s Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Random

I might be cheating with this one as it’s an old post I had. The original post was on 09 April 2018 and was partially inspired by a past…ehem…romance.

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Peter St. Claire

She was walking on her way home when she heard a cry

She looked ’round and saw a little child sitting on a bench, quiet shy

No one was with her and so she came near

She asked, “child, what are you doing here?”

The child of about six replied, “I’m very cold

But I have to stay here and do what I’m told.”

She asked where the child’s parents was but the child didn’t know

She took pity and said, “stay here. I’ll get something for you. I’ll be back so don’t go.”

The child nodded and with that she went and bought a nice hot chocolate

Which she thought was just appropriate

She called the attention of the cops she saw

Best to get help from an officer of the law

They got back to where she left the child

But no one was there. Just the wind blowing a little mild

After she described this child who was cold

A story they told her slowly unfold

The child was known as Peter St. Claire

Auburn hair with face so fair

He and his parents often went to the park to play

And one day while his mom was buying him ice cream, she told him to stay

But Peter was curious, as all child’s are

He left the waiting place and went too far

He fell into the river nearby

Hit his head and there he died

Since then many would report seeing the child who was cold

Waiting like he was supposed to and do as he’s told

© Maria Michaela

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Spoon Reflections

She was spooked by the reflection she saw on the spoon

She was frozen and wanted to form a cocoon

Behind her was a number of people

But she had her back on the wall

Those people shouldn’t be there,

it’s just not possible!

© Maria Michaela

I got inspired to write this while I was eating. I looked at my reflection on the back of my spoon and my imagination just took over.

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I enter your dreams and haunt you there

For it is there that you cannot escape me

And even in your waking hours

You will be haunted by the thought that I shall come once more when you sleep

© Maria Michaela

From Wikipedia

The film came out some years before I was born but I recall “watching” this when I was a kid. I vaguely remember the film though as I think my parents thought it was too scary for me. I might watch this come weekend.

For Jude’s The Saturday Symphony #33

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I Solemnly Swear

Image credit; Valeriia @ Pexels
Oh I wanted butterbeer!
But my mind is still drowsy
It's not working properly yet, I fear
And I am feeling lousy

So, this nectar I shall sip
Which will give me energy
I shall drink to the last drip
To kick me out of this lethargy

Then off to some mischief I will be
Oh yes! That's a guarantee

© Maria Michaela

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a coffee cup with the image of a pumpkin on top of it in foam. Next to it is a document, declaring, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”

For Sadje’s What Do You See #157 #Whatdoyousee #WDYS

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Broken Glass

I picked up the pieces that nobody saw

I didn’t want it to harm them

I took those broken pieces and mended it as best as I could

No one saw my scars,

I kept it all in

But that’s the thing with broken pieces

© Maria Michaela