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Grandma used to make them

And now my mom makes it

This delicious treat is chewy and sweet

It’s a sticky rice cake

Made with coconut milk and brown sugar

While the sticky rice is cooking

Milk the coconut well

Once done, mix it with brown sugar

With the pan over the stove in low heat

You may add vanilla

To add some more flavor

Now, this is important so listen well

You have to keep on mixing, no stopping until

The mix is thick but not molasses

Add the sticky rice

Oh mix it well

You will need strong arms to do the heavy lifting

Serve this hot, it mouth watering and tasty

Yet others like it cold,

Like me, I’m guilty

And thus ends our tale of tales

I’m enjoying my biko, no need to go into details

© Maria Michaela

The biko my mom and I cooked 😊
It looks ordinary but it’s very tasty.