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Mom and Dad’s Wedding

Mom and dad got married
Two people stood as their witness
Their parents were in their respective provinces
Dad wrote a letter telling them of their intention to marry
There was no huge ceremony
Not even a reception
Mom didn’t wear an elegant dress
Dad had simple clothes on
They’re not perfect and they’ve gone through many challenges
But their union was blessed by God
And so they’re still together, thirty-nine years strong
Many ups, many downs
A lot of craziness in between
It’s not the wedding that counts
It’s the marriage that matters
Thirty-nine years together
Only two people as witnesses
One God guiding them all throughout
© Maria Michaela

It’s not my parent’s anniversary but I just wanted to share how simple their wedding was. They started with next to nothing but because of their efforts, their kids (myself included), are living a better life. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not rich with material things but we get by. My mom often quotes Tom Jones, “we’re rich with love, we’re millionaires”.

My mom and dad’s wedding
The priest, my parents and their witnesses.
My dad was in the Navy so he had his Navy friend and his wife serve as witnesses.