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Adventure In The Outdoors

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a young girl sitting on some thick wooden logs with a white dog. In the background, you can see a waterfall.
Jon Snow is a most loyal companion
He often accompanies me on my walks
We climb mountains and explore canyons
Catching our breath and resting on tree stalks

He leads the way today
Curious I am as to what we'll discover
He's never led me astray
Can't wait to see what we'll uncover

And then I hear strong flowing water
As we head to its direction
The sound drowned my laughter
Happy to see such perfection

We snap a photo, the waterfall as our background
Jon Snow, such a good dog, beauty is what he found

© Maria Michaela


I combined Sadje’s What Do You See #142 prompt with GC and SueW’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Outdoor Fun


A story teller, a writer, and sometimes, a poet.

10 thoughts on “Adventure In The Outdoors

  1. Absolutely beautiful poem Maria, thanks for sharing this! 🙏🤩

    Reading the poem in the back drop of the image you’ve used evoked a set of feelings that I simply can’t describe with words.

    Made me self reflect on a Mahaweli River Kayaking adventure I had earlier this year in beautiful Island nation of Sri Lanka. I had the same set feelings sitting under a starry sky in the middle of no where, looking at the crackling campfire and listening to the crickets chirping and a gentle murmur of a river flowing by.

    I finished putting together a post on the same and trust me it was a trip for the ages and to steal a line from you “I’d go there in a heart beat”! 🤩

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  2. I thought at the beginning that your story had something to do with GOTT but I love that you’ve named the dog Jon snow. A lovely adventure Maria. Thanks for joining in

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