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The Vast Unknown

There is a great unknown

So vast that it’s hard to grasp

But I don’t think we’re meant to understand it

We’re not meant to grasp its vastness

We’re meant to appreciate the not knowing

We’re meant to be hopeful

We’re meant to be excited

Yes, it’s alright to be fearful of the unknown

For fear is not all bad

It helps us survive

Motivates us to go on

And so I swim

To the great unknown

Hoping with all hopes

© Maria Michaela

Apologies for not being able to read most posts today. So many things to juggle, so little time. Work is busy as always but something has come up with my life outside the office too.

My mom needs to have her gall bladder removed and as I’m the one looking out for my parents, I’ll be on leave from work anytime this week. I’ll do my best to post daily still. 🙂