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A Eulogy For Me

If I die today, tell them how much of an introvert I was
How I preferred being alone, rather than indulge in small conversions with people I don’t know
How I keep away from people to recharge
How I can be out going at one point and be totally drained of energy a moment later

Tell them how I loved the sea and may have been part mermaid
How I loved just swimming in the turquoise waters
How I didn’t mind the sun when I was near the shore
How I loved digging my feet into the sand and was just contented of being there

Tell them I loved being with my family and friends
That I was always the talkative one when I was surrounded by people I trust

Tell them I was moody and at times would prefer not to talk, just because
Tell them I loved watching horror films and would sleep soundly after
Tell them that I often watch cheezy romantic comedies especially come Christmas time

Tell them how I loved Christmas
That I play Christmas songs as early as September
That I sing songs at the top of my lungs when happy or when releasing stress
That I love giving gifts and seeing the joy it gives to other people

Tell them I was never always good or kind or understanding
That when I lost my temper, it was like a volcano erupting
That I struggled to be patient, always
And that I was not as religious as most may think

Tell them about my poetries and how I loved to read
That I collected books and wanted a mini library at home

Tell them of these things that are truly me
Don’t say I was the best person you met or make them think I was perfect
I don’t want to be perfect and I never was
Tell them of my flaws and what made me human
And tell them that I lived a life of love because you all showed it to me, one way or another

© Maria Michaela