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The Sun As Witness

Two friends sitting near the shore waiting for the sun to rise
One friend realising his true feelings for the other
While the other, have always felt and hoped for something more

He’s nervous, not sure if he should tell her
She’s waiting, not sure if he feels the same
She looks on seeing the glow of the sun
He looks at her, eyes glimmering

He touches her hand
She looks at him
Mustering up all the courage, he leans forward and kisses her
Caught off guard, the kiss was electrifying
She felt goosebumps all over
But they were the good kind

She kissed him back, to his surprise
So elated was he that he swore he could have lost consciousness
And ended up in the hospital

© Maria Michaela


In response to:

GC and Sue W’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Goose Bumps and FOWC with Fandango – Hospital


A story teller, a writer, and sometimes, a poet.

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