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Sasha ran down when she heard the explosion. The entire laboratory was engulfed with smoke. There were no signs of fire though.

“Thank goodness!”, She thought. She kept the door open to let the smoke out and then called out, “professor?!”

She worked as the professors assistant for about five years now. She loved working for her as she had the spunk that reminded her of Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

“Hey professor! Where you at?”, Sasha called again.
‘Over here, Sasha’, she heard a response from somewhere. There was still a bit of smoke so she wasn’t sure where the professor was. “Glad you’re alright, professor. I was worr…” Sasha trailed off as she came to view of the professor.

Image credit; Charles Deluvio @ Unsplash

‘No cure for cancer yet, Sasha. But, I think I just perfected turning myself into a dog. I’m going to need your help in turning me back into a woman as these tiny paws just won’t do.’

© Maria Michaela

#WDYS #Whatdoyousee

This is in response to Sadje’s What do you see #105


A story teller, a writer, and sometimes, a poet.

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