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The Greatest of These is Love – a collaboration

Back on February 1st of this year, I posted a poem titled “Dot Dot Dot” and I left it a bit hanging or open ended as I liked it the way it was. But Jude of Tales Told Different, who has become one of my great online friends, thought it would be great to add another line or two.

Hence, we collaborated and expanded on that poetry. Below is our collaboration which you can also check through Jude’s page.

The lines in italics are mine while the lines in bold are Jude’s.

A cold wind swept through the land
And all was quiet
The rustling leaves and howling breeze
Was the only sound

Dead foliage scraped atop unhallowed ground
And wails of torment clawed from within
Misery writhing in obsidian soils

Dark days have finally come
Roots of sorrow digging deep underground
All is lost now, it would seem

Yes, the future bodes grim and gruesome
As death laughs in the face of love
And I search despondently
For I need you now more than ever

But the darkness seems to devour everything
I cannot see where your light is
Fear has gripped its cold hands
Upon my very soul

If one forsakes the other, we are both lost
If you succumb to despair, then evil consumes me as well
For in this game of soulmates,
Without hope, there can be no light

Though I cannot see you, I feel your love
It slowly warms my cold soul
I muster the courage to let it flow through me
I let your love fill my core
Hoping to spark a light from within

Tartarus has grown weary of our presence
For in our search we have held vigil, even in its darkest abyss.
A lonely light, and its forlorn spark
And when we ignite, even Hades will wretch
Spitting us out;
All the way to lover’s Elysium

For love will always find a way.

© Maria Michaela

Make sure to check Jude’s site for more of his works. I’d suggest checking out his Saturday Symphony posts too. They’re a treat!


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