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No Going Back

As much as we would like

Even if we wanted to

There is no going back to what the world was once before the chaos of this illness.

No going back to ordinarily giving someone a hug

Or a high five

Or a hand shake

Or simply standing or sitting next to someone

Distance is and will be the new norm.

There is no going back to what the world once was.

©Maria Michaela

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I Miss The Sea

metal stairs underwater
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

Sitting on the side of the boat

The sun, hot and cruel

I dip my feet on the water

Where it feels cool

My sunglasses on,

I looked up at the sky

Not a cloud in sight

I let out a little sigh

Not because I don’t like the view

But because none of it is true

I wish I was out there enjoying the sea

Swimming or floating along

But right now it’s important to stay at home

This is where I currently belong

Summer is here, yet inside I stay

Dreaming of the waves, the sand, and the salty air

Looking forward to the day when this is all over

Oh yes! To dream, I dare.

©Maria Michaela

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The Half Day

Something happened today and it wasn’t a good one. I was planning to post something else but came up with this just after the incident. I’ll be okay. I just need to write.

I could feel getting weak and then I noticed I was actually trembling

My feet would be giving in soon

So I rushed to the spare room upstairs where I was working from home

And there I burst into tears

I shook so hard as if an earthquake hit me

It took me a while to realise that I was hyperventilating

My senses and emotions fought as I was trying to be strong and to stop myself from shaking

My brain could not comprehend the battle I was doing

I had to be strong

So I told myself to breathe

Just breathe

Take in the air slowly

Keep calm

Keep calm

Though I was shaking still, and in a daze and unsure how my phone should work

I called a friend and told him I couldn’t work further

I guess my body was in shock

My mind was a blank

And so I took the rest of the day off work because I couldn’t pretend I was fine

But I’m good at pretending around you. So you’ll never see the trauma that caused my sanity.

©Maria Michaela

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This Sickness

Some say that Mother Nature got fed up and released this sickness so it can heal
That we are the virus it is trying to get rid of

Some say this sickness is a conspiracy
A plot of one country to rule the world (world domination!)

But what is sure is that…
This sickness is awful
This sickness is scary
And if you’re not scared of it, you might want to think again

©Maria Michaela

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I Rise With The Moon

A friend of mine posted a photo of the super pink moon and captioned it, “I rise with the moon”. I thought that it would be a great title for a poem. So here goes…

The sun dips in the horizon while the moon is slowly rising

And with it my soul awakens.

The darkness stretches, as do I…

The world would have been blanketed by darkness except the moon was shining bright.

I shine my own smile back to the moon and together, hand in hand, we light up the night sky.

©Maria Michaela

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The Window

I sat at the dining room, working on overtime

I typed away to get the work done.

Then, a light came through from the outside

Illuminating the darkened space.

The sunlight coming through the window

And I thought, how beautiful it was.

©Maria Michaela

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A Year From Now

I’ve been following Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, Rush) on Instagram as I’m a fan of his work. I also like his community-website HitRecord. So on his Instagram, he posted this “April-must-do list” that one of the HitRecord member created. The list suggests what you can do or post on the website for each day of April – kind of like The Daily Post here in WordPress. The list suggested for the 3rd of April this – ‘a year from now’. Coincidentally, I have been thinking about what would happen a year from now. So, I used this as a bit of inspiration for today’s post.

I sit here outside our terrace and I wonder what would happen a year from now.

Will we learn and remember all the valuable lessons this pandemic has taught us?

When we look back a year from now, will we be looking back with anguish or anger or fear?

Will we be more appreciative knowing the difficulties we all had to go through?

Will we be kinder to each other?

Will we be better people?

I look up at the sky that’s slowly turning orange from blue, and I wonder what would happen a year from now.

©Maria Michaela