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After 5 years, 4 months, and 16 days, I’ve reached a thousand followers…..1,002 followers to be exact. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all, for your support. I can still remember the first time someone liked my post, the first time I got a follower, the first time I got a comment. I was astounded and happy that someone actually read my post. I never thought I’d still be writing on this blog after 5 years. I’ll work on better posts guys. Trying to post poetry, good and read worthy poetry, everyday is not an easy task. But I try it anyway.

Special shout out to Maggie May, my very first follower.  

Here’s a link to her blog if you’d like to check it out. She’s quite the writer:

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The Twinkle

The twinkle in her eyes was the most beautiful I’ve seen

The stars would be put to shame

All the love was poured on her

She didn’t know this yet

But she would feel it as she grows

Her twinkle, captured this heart of mine