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Ipanghatag (Give Away)

Wala ka ma ako 

Wala ko ma imo

Wala bisag asa or bisag unsaon pa nato.

Abi nako ug naa kay gibati para kanako

Ako diay nasayop.

Ang imong pagsungog kanako sa uban

Sinyalis na diay kadto.

Kung naa man gani kay pagbati saona

Karon na papas na, nahanaw, nawala.

Dako akong pagtuo nga ikaw na

Ikaw na jud unta, kung wala pa lang ko nimo gipanghatag.

Husto na,

Dili na,

Wagtangon ko na ang tanan

Samtang dili pa ingon ana ka grabe.

Ang akong gibati kanimo…..

….ako nalang pud ipanghatag sa hangin.


You were never mine

I was never yours

Nothing, nowhere, no matter which way you turn.

I thought you had feelings for me

But I was mistaken

How you tease me with someone else…

…I should have taken that as a sign.

If you did have feelings for me before

It has now been erased, forgotten, lost.

I really thought you were the one

You could have been, had you not given me away.

No more,

Not anymore,

I will stop and feel no more for you

I’ll do so while I’m not quite into deep yet.

My feelings for you….

….I will give this away to the wind too.

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He Said

He said, “you’re beautiful”

Seeing only what’s outside 

He could have said, “you’re soulful”

Had he known what she was inside 
He said, “you’re smile is captivating”

Not really knowing she was a paradox

He should have  said, “you’re something”

Knowing full well he knows nothing of her
He said many a things 

None of them she felt were real

Because they were just words

And she knows how words can slip by

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Over And Over 

I’m back at the start

Going over again

Starting all over again

But that’s what it is when you’re learning

When you continue to learn

You go back to the start

Start all over and relearn 

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Keep It Simple

I don’t want your roses, you can save your money

I don’t want chocolates or teddy bears

I’m stuffed already

I don’t want any grand schemes

I don’t like that much people looking at me

Keep the over the top performance, I have no care for it

If you want to sweep me off my feet

Just keep it simple

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View From Here

I take a step back and I look at the view

I inhale the air, I’m still feeling blue

I don’t quite know what will happen 

Eyes wide and bright, mind sharpened

I’m looking at the top from here

I’ll get there someday and tons will surely cheer

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Makes Me Rhyme

I hate that I love you

I hate that I care

I hate that I’m hurting

I hate it, I swear
I hate the way you make me smile

I hate that I’m still waiting

I hate being so close to you

I hate that I am aching 
I hate hearing your name

It should be good as committing crime

I hate hating you because…

Hating you makes me rhyme