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Another day like any other
Wake up and don’t even bother
Check the date and then you see
There is an extra day, a little extra time for me
Make the most of it,
Make it count

I don’t sense it
I don’t feel it
Or see it

Perhaps the spark they see is the unseen connection that two people have
One that does not have to be a romantic tie
But one close to friendship and familiarity

I believe that is what we have


A glimpse,
A chance,
A hope,

I shouldn’t think about it
But the more I do,
The clearer it is

That most often we do not see
What is in front of us
But yes, I admit
That you do have potential


It’s a silly game they play
Tease us and we laugh
But truth is,
I admire you

Though it is not romantic in nature
I do admire you
Am I attracted to you?
No, not really

But yes, the admiration is there
I do not want to assume anything
Because I made that mistake before

And so,
They tease,
And I don’t mind
But that already tells me something of what I feel
and may feel
For you

Wide eyes

That see nothing and no one else
One that only sees you

Ears that listen, and listen well
Only hear your voice
Conversations that go on and on and on and on

That is what I’m looking for

Hope for the best

The future is unknown
But worry not much
For the road will be shown
And everything will turn out alright

How can I write a song about you?

How can I ever never be blue
If I am without you?

How can grasses be green
When without you the sun is mean?

How can clouds never cry
When without you it seems a day to die?

I can ask so many things,
But one thing is for sure,
I van never be without you

The evening was quite

It was silent
But the wind was howling
The clouds danced
The moon sang
The stars were in a chorus

Apart from that, the night was silent

Lost Out There

Get lost!

Feel the fresh air
Let it touch your hair
Your fair brown eyes so fair
Let it roam over grasslands grand
Take time to stop.


Dig Deep

Try your hardest
Keep your head above water
Be not afraid of danger
Hold your breath and try harder
Dig hard and dig deep

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