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Thinking Of Mr. Darcy

I can’t stay still
Perhaps it’s my mind or lack of will
A man such as himself
How can I ever deny?

He is an enigma
Or at least he tries to be.
In the end,
He gives way to love
As I give way to him

Dare I ask for love?

Is it something I need or just want?
Is it to validate my self worth,
Or due to the pressures of society?

Most often, I must confess,
I know not what I want.
I do know I CAN live without it.

But should God give it to me just because He knows I need it,
Then let it be.

Feelings Lie

I could lie,
I could cheat,
I could pretend,

But then again…
Then again, I can’t really lie

Feeling Like A Poet

The drops of rain are so fine that from afar
You’d think it’s a mist, a fog.
No snow has ever fallen here but this is the closest thing
we got.

The rain is soothing, calming
The bed weather is making lazy almost everyone
As for me, it makes me feel like being poetic about it

Poetry In The Rain

The sky is gray
But it’s still a great day!
Smiling from ear to ear
I’ve been singing songs, did you hear?
Simple rhyme on a cozy rainy day
Always makes me feel happy and gay!

Same Song

I used to sing of love songs
I used to write about love
I smiled at my stars
And thanked the heavens above

Then came the heartbreak
The crying and the rains
The sad realization
And the pains

Then I learned to let go
Move on, for real
No bitterness

In some ways, afraid to fall once more

And then you

I may sing the same song once more
But, I’m more than ready if that happens


Expect nothing
Hope for none
Don’t look for it
It will come,

If it doesn’t, it’s not the end

Time And Age

Bones creaking and limbs aching
Older and older one gets
Either curse the number
Or be thankful for it
One can never stop it from happening


I don’t mind my view
Because I get to see a whole lot of you.
Your smile and your being keen to things around
Though you keep it at a low,
I know.

You’re observing, I can tell
So am I, and I think you’re well aware.
I know better than to expect anything
The observation continues,
And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Gloomy, cloudy…

…the sun is hiding yonder
Shying away,
Behind the cloud it stays

I sit,
I stare,
Loving the weather

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