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Bye, December

A special month for me
Shared times with friends and family
Learned to love
And learned to let go
Learned contentment
And moving on…completely

A new year soon starts.
Fresh and wonderful
As I bid goodbye to December

Before December Ends…

I’d like to let you know
How happy I am to have been given the time
To be part of your life
No matter if it was brief

The gifts may have been unwrapped
But I hope ypu continue to unwrap your potentials
And continue to give and share to the world
Your innate gifts

A quick and simple rhyme
Just because my favorite month is about to end,
Doesn’t mean I’m all spent.
Before December says goodbye
And soon 2016 will say “hi”
I’d like to say a quick thanks to all
That supported this blog through it all

My Holiday Song

I sang a song for this joyous feast
Hoping to let everyone hear it, from west all the way to the east.
I sang of happiness and of thankfulness
And hoped for what will come will be of greatness.
And as the holidays go on,
I would gladly continue singing my song.

The lights are fading

The music is gone
The snow is dripping
And the carols are lost

Is that how fast you can move away and forget
What was shared under the mistletoe?
Now that the celebration is done
Does thatmeam we go back to
What we were not?

That was once not so long ago
I was ready to jump my ship
I broke my walls
For the wrong person,
The wrong reason.

I did not know then
The next Christmas would be so different
It was better
I’ve learned

Got bruises to prove how I survived
Now, you have her and I am still by myself
But I wish you well
No bitterness for this Christmas
Because I remember,
I once fell in love during Christmas

It’s Christmas Time

Christmas is here and everyone has filled their bellies
Gifts have been given and exchanged
Hugs and kisses have flown
It’s a day spent with the one’s you love
Spend it well

Tequila For Dinner

No one home
No one there
Bleak and hazy
Nothing is clear

He stumbles to the ground
He’s at his lowest
Tears are falling
No one cares

A hand reached out to him
Out of nowhere
Comforting, warm
It was home
It was Him
He was saved

Where Are You This Christmas?

Alone or surrounded?
On air or grounded?
Solo and a bit lonely?
Or with family and cheery?
Smiling or complaining?
Waiting or fast sleeping?

Wherever you are and whatever the circumstance may be,
I pray that this Christmas you are able to find what makes you happy.


I put the wreath on the door
The Christmas tree is ready too
The lights are all on and are sparkling
The gifts are all ready
And so am I
The table is filled with a feast
And I’m happy I can start with the dessert

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