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He visited again in my dreams

And I don’t know why
Never did I think of him
But he was the representation of the man of my dreams

The second time we spent time together in my dreams
Many years has gone by since I last saw him
And yet deep within my mind, he exists

It seems like in times I feel down
Feeling like giving up,
He visits me and comforts me
I wonder how he is now…

Maria Michaela

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A lady waits…

…and wait is all she does
Her heart composed and contented
Never fading
Never worried

Her hazel brown eyes, lighter than it has ever been
Makes her look calm and attractive
She may not know it
But she sure carries herself well

She busies herself with books
Never trying to focus much on her looks
She waits, but not for someone
She waits…
For others to realize that happiness is not dependent on a someone else
That there is joy in waiting

Maria Michaela

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Don’t even go there…

Don’t try to use your sorcery on me
Don’t flash that smile that crinkles your eyes and make them disappear
I’m holding my tongue and I don’t want this to be
Much like what happened before to me

I’m controlling myself and I’m not going to make
The same mistakes I did
So don’t even start by looking at me that way

Maria Michaela

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His Denial

He was not one to boast
He would deny his true feelings
She was a mystery and more
She challenged his every being
And he was afraid
Afraid to be vulnerable
She made him feel so
Yet day and night his thoughts are of her
He feels this has to stop

Maria Michaela

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Woah! Womanizer

You flash your smile and their hearts melt.
Even for miles and miles your presence is felt.
Ladies think you’re a catch, and so do I.
But you’re such a womanizer so, never mind, I’m saying goodbye.
I’ve had my share of fellas like you.
I always end up feeling blue.
Not that you would be into me, you hardly notice.
So I’m keeping my distance as a practice.

I admire that you’re handsome and you are cute when you smile,
But I know this leads nowhere since I’ve been around a while.
So I’d rather be stranded alone and on my own
Than be back to where I was when I should have known.
So I’ll keep out and leave you be,
I already know what’s going to happen, yes that I see.

Maria Michaela