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House By The Beach

Oh yes!
Many of us dream
To have a house
Where the view is fine
Where the air is summery cool
A hamock under a tree
Refreshments at your side

Wouldn’t it be nice!
Wouldn’t it be grand!
Or a house by the cliff
Looking out the beach
Yes! That would be a great retirement

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How can it be fair?
When they breathe fire
While I breathe air

How can it be true?
That they are happy
While I am blue

How come they are contented
And I am not?
What is it that they have
That I haven’t got?

How is it that they have gold?
While I have this shoe
So dirty, broken and old

I ask these questions
Maybe an answer you can share?
Because I can’t take the fact
That is just so unfair

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Ug Sa Dihang (And Then Suddenly)

Ug sa dihang ikaw ako nakaplagan
Nalipay kining kasingkasing ko
Gimingaw sa katam-is sa paghigugma
Diha lamang nakit-an ug balik kanimo

Walay sama ang gibati
Akong kalipay sangko sa langit
Minahal ko, imo akong gitubos
Sa kaguol ug sa kasakit

English translation:

And then suddenly I found you
My heart rejoiced
It missed the sweetness of love
That I found again in you

The feeling is beyond compare
My happiness exceeds the heavens
You’ve rescued me, my love
My suffering and loneliness

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Hagkan (To Kiss)

Ganahan ko nga ikaw hagkan
(I want to kiss you)
Dili na paugmaan
(Won’t wait for tomorrow)
Kaso adunay apan
(However there is a but)
Ang imong kasingkasing, dili ko madakpan
(I can never capture your heart)

Bisan unsaon nako ug singgit
(No matter how hard I shout)
Bisag mo abot pa kini sa langit
(Even if it reaches the heavens)
Dili gihapon nimo madungog ako’ng sangpit
(You’ll never hear my plea)
Ug dili nimo makita ang akong mga kasakit
(And you’ll never see my sufferings)

Hinaot ikaw mo sugot
(I’m hoping you’ll agree)
Nga akong hagkan ug gakson pinahugot
(That I will kiss and hug you tight)
Para dili na maghuot
(So that it won’t feel too bad)
Ang kasingkasing nga nanghinaot
(This heart of mine that’s still hoping)