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Took A Fancy

I took a fancy
With his eyes
His smile
His way with words

I took a fancy
Of him
And then….

Then I woke
And I fancy him no more

Misfits Are We

I, you, him, her, we
We are misfits, the abnormality
One that does not belong to society
One not missed, would rather be rid of
One they shun, they do not give love
We are the ones who think outside the box
Because we think differently and this art that we are, rocks!

We are the misunderstood
They never would
They never could
We are few but many
We are the misfits of society

The Long Way Back

I took the long way back
Just because
The long way had a wonderful view
A sight to die for
I can’t express the beauty that I saw
Nor will I ever be able to describe it
All I know is that I enjoyed the journey
Even with some pitfalls

The road was not easy
It was next to impossible for some
Still I knew it was worth it
So I pushed on

I scraped a knee
I lost my footing
But onwards I went
The path was difficult
But it was all worth it
To see the beauty that was beyond compare
Taking the long way back was a good decision

Imagining Imaginations

The rainbow on the palm of my hands
The horizon glitters
I hold dear raindrops grand
The sun shimmers

Jupiter kisses my forehead
Saturn and I danced
Shooting stars pitter pattered up ahead
Pluto simply glanced

Birds sing of wonderful joy
Flowers sway
Rabbits hop cute like a toy
The trees and wind play

All these my imagining
Simple imaginations
That I wish sometimes were real

He Was

He was what I longed for
What I thought was my world
Part of me hoped for
But it wasn’t meant to be
He was the sunset
What I needed was sunrise
He walked in my life
And now he saw me walked out of his

View From Somewhere

It blooms ever so tender
And I am completely amazed
I stand still at how majestic the view from here is
And I know I have found my place

Is This Insanity?

They talk all at once
No silence in my head
Leave me be
Leave me to sleep in my bed

People take no notice
While I am paralyzed
Numb by the voices
No one has realized

I hold on to what’s left
If there still is anything
I slip further away it seems
I know what’s left is close to nothing

I am….losing myself

The Clock

Oh midnight by day!
No other words I can say
Here I am once more
Trying to settle the score
I am tired and sore
But still I try just like before

It is never easy when darkness falls
When the bed over yonder calls
My eyes I shut
But I know with my gut
My brain will not allow it
For it always, always forbids it

I lie down staring at nowhere
Wondering why sleep never found me here

Letter For Never

Anywhere the sun flows freely
And roses shine brightly
Wherever the wind is fair
Like the summer night air
That’s where my heart will be
Yours forever truly

Why Is Forever?

Why is forever so hard to find?
I can wait, I really don’t mind
Why does it have to end?
Can’t we try to fix this and make amends?
Why did your heart lose the love?
The one I that I cared so much of
Why is forever gone with the wind?
My heart cries now when before it grinned
Tell me….why is forever?

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