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Torn apart…
Nothing left but ashes
Ashes turn to a speck of dust…
Dust settles in the wind
Gone in an instant
Never to be remembered

Nothing lingers…
Everything, everyone is forgotten
Forgotten and lost in time
Time quickly flies, your face fades
Yet you remain unseen to the world
Unrecognized and unknown

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A Sinner Like Me

Why would I close my heart to you?
You who loved me true
Despite my sins and all the wrong I’ve done
You wash it all, cleaned my sins gone
Your sacrifice and forgiveness all to save me
Yet for most times this I do not see
You forgive me anyway
And continue to wait for me everyday
That is why I thank Thee
For Thy undying love

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Enjoy The Day

The leaves whisper through the breeze
I listen carefully
The day is there for me to seize
So I listen intently
I close my eyes and look up the sky
I feel the suns warmth
Birds chirping they slowly fly
Headed somewhere north
I take time and enjoy the moment
This is for me, for my enjoyment

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I can smile again and this time it’s for real
No more sad sobbing nights or wondering “what’s the deal?”
I can be happy once more
That is the real score
Sadness is gone now…no more
That I know for sure
Warm and fuzzy is what I feel inside
So I smile a real smile, got no sadness to hide
I am over,
Finally over you