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Move On Completely

Trying to forget

Part of moving on

Months has passed since the decision was made
A year has passed since I fell
Time to get a move on
I want to completely move on

Why Everyone’s Excited

Here it comes
Coming fast
It’s got everybody excited

Everyone is smiling from ear to ear
Happiness overflows
Everyone has been waiting

What could it be?
No need to wonder
The weekend is finally here

I Pray

I met a guy who is not perfect
Yet he could have been God sent had he been mine
Friends we became, friends we are
And I am okay with that, it’s all fine

He could be the one
I could only pray I find a guy like him
He is the one to someone
I wish it were me though
Oh I wish it were

He is God fearing
Loves his family
Thinks of the future
One I can bully

He tells me as it is
Though it may hurt
But I see the truth and he only means well
Like any friend would

If I fall in love with him
I pray, that he be blessed each day
Because I know he can never be mine
Only mine as a friend
To hold for a time

I pray I find a guy like him
A guy like my closest boy friend

I count the calories
I weigh the scale
I am becoming more and more obsess
I know I have to control this
I know there is a limit
But to achieve what has never been, I have to do this

I fall into the pit
The one I did not want to fall into
It is a decision I made
No backimg out now
No end, not until the goal is met

Every Morning

The morning comes but no sun is showing
Instead dark clouds hover
Looks like rain is coming

My stomach growls wildly
Hunger sets in
I take a moment to take in the scenery
Before my routine begins

Days can be slow and lazy
Sometimes random and fast
So every morning before chaos starts
I take a moment and try to make it last

I watch the world go in motion
As the dark clouds hover above
I too will be moving soon
Taking part of the action

Words No Words

Lost for words
Got nothing to say
For how can I?
When this happiness completely shows

Rid Of Me

To have a friend for a lifetime
A friend through and through
A real jewel
A real treasure
Priceless you are
Bonds strong and getting stronger
Thanks for keeping me
And even if you won’t
You can’t get rid of me that easily

Someday I will sing my heart out once more
No holding back

Someday I will be able to talk to you like I used to before
Without feeling any awkwardness

Someday I will feel all emotions
But they won’t be all for you

Someday I can smile at you
Look you straight in the eye and tell you honestly I’m fine

Someday you’ll just be another face
Another friend, and that’s okay

Someday I’ll meet the right one
And I’ll tell you about him and I know you’ll support me

One day I’ll really, truly, finally be over you
And that will be soon

I Dreamed I Died

And my soul left my body

I felt light

I was not scared

I saw the ocean as I went out the little house

A ray of light beaming down another place

And other souls I could see

I was happy, smiling and was ready

Incomparable bliss!


I walked within the clouds

And I was greeted by a bright light

A voice came

It asked, What have you done with your life?

Are you ready to enter heaven?

An answer I didn’t have

I tried to recall the last thing I did before dying

Then I was sent back to Earth

Perhaps I need to do more to be worthy

Or I still have something else to do before my time

My Week

Monday is manic most people say
Others even think it’s traumatic unlike the rest of the days
I beg to differ as my days are different

Monday is slow
Almost nothing to do

Tuesday is in the rough
You wish you could do more

Wednesday is wicked
And not in a good way
Manic of all manics
I wouldn’t know where to start
Midweek madness as what I would say

Thursday drags on
So many things to do
Got to get things done

Friday comes along
This is the final stretch
Last day to finish all
Until next week begins once more

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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