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Fall Up In The Air

I’m up in the air

And then I go down, down

I am way up there

I try to pull myself together

Although at times it shows

The seam shows and I can’t help but fall all over again

Death of Ghosts

Ghostly presence from the grave

Haunt the meadows at eerie night

Seeking justice

Vengeance over gold

They lie down waiting

Silence upon their tongues

They speak not of the wicked deaths

But scream and mourn

To be heard

From Augustus

I learned a lot from Augustus

He taught me well

I needed only to realize

Some of the things you can’t dwell


He taught me things I never thought

Made me see things so differently

And now I see

I see past what used to make me hurt


And with Augustus, I found a friend

The one I so long waited for

Until It Hurts

And so I begin to understand

What it truly feels like

True love and loving until it hurts

Until you bleed out

The pain is unbearable at first

But becomes tolerable later on

And so I choose to be hurt by you

Because it is a privilege

No matter what I do, I always come back to you

And so I let it be


I hold my tongue

And bite my lip

I hold my breath just one last time

I take the plunge

And I am engulfed in water


And I am neither chained nor free

I Am The Broken

I am the broken but not the bitter

I have no ill intensions

I wish you both well

Break the pieces that’s already broken

I will go back from where I came from

I will wait

Not for you

But for him…whoever he may be

Has Changed

Something has changed

I can feel it

Sense it

You’re slipping away

You want to stay away

Where is the friend that I know?

Where is the friend I seek?

Yes I loved you as more

And I still do

But that should not hinder our friendship

Unless there are unsure feelings

Or perhaps hurting me is what you try to avoid

Do you not know that being cold hurts more?


The air is colder, definitely

And I don’t know why

Or if there is still something worth saving

Felt It Let Go

You prepare yourself

But when it comes

The whole world comes crashing down


I’ve been in this situation before

That hit like a train

This time around it hurt

So I let it sink in

I felt it

But for some reason,  I just let it go


This poem is about the hyphen

And there you have it

I want to be like the one’s on TV

Like the one on the magazine


I want to be beautiful

Be called as one

Be treated as one


I want to be skinny

Fit small tight jeans

And be looked at differently


I want to be

Someone slim and slender

Someone healthy and radiant

Someone…other than me

unbolt me

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