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It Was Called Yellow

It’s my song, it’s our song

The song you dedicated to me

That will forever be ours

No matter what, I cherish that in my heart

I am grateful for the little attention

It may have been nothing to you

But it meant forever to me

I am not expecting anything, I’ve learned

But no one and nothing can ever take away what I have come to call our theme song

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Mere Speck

The night sky is my friend

The moon is my lamp

I bask under the darkness to see clearly

The treasured jewel called stars

But I also wait for the morning to come

The sun shine, so grand

I am there, a mere speck in the world

Yet they are still willing to put on a show for me

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You Pretty Little Thing

Hey you pretty little thing

Silly little thing you are

Cuteness bundled up

And you don’t even notice


My heart raises whenever you’re around

It rises in a good way


Oh sweet little thing

What a pleasure it is to be near you

Your presence gives joy to the once aching heart


Oh sweetness I adore thee

And I am contented to be

As close as we are now

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Ah love! So grand

But unrequited is something hard to understand

Why fall for someone who doesn’t love you back?

You’re just going to get a heart attack

Still you don’t give it up

Grab a drink, here’s a cup

Too late to stop it now

End the show, take a bow

Still you come back for more

Come back even when you end up sore

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Isn’t it just ridiculous?

For the world to tumble-down

Turn around three-sixty

For it to surprise you

In ways you never expected

And you are never ready for it


Then again it’s not about all that

It’s about how you react

How you see things

See it in a positive light

And don’t be so ridiculous!

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I Break The Morning

I break the morning gently

Like breaking an egg for breakfast

The sun shined and smiled at me

What wonderful things it held!

It gave hope to the hopeless

Positivity to the negatives

Up to the low

Warmth to the cold


The sun broke the bitterness of a heartbreak

Gave light to the darkened soul

Calmness to the storm within


So I break the morning

To share its joys and blessings

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Where Am I?

Where am I?

I do not know this place

This place is unfamiliar

Like a dream

A dream that once was

Lingered in my unconscious

Unconsciously I float

I flutter free

To where, where is I do not know

I do not know this place

Where am I?