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Hello there stranger

Have not heard from you in a while

Hiding from everyone

Where have you been?

I wondered

I missed your flight out

Into the sun out of the storm

Break out from your shell soon

And say hello to the world once more

You Make Me High

Cloudy, warm and sunny

My insides feel fluffy

At times a little mushy

And then it could be fishy

But I get back and feel all bubbly

I feel so high, ecstatic and happy

Having you around me

End It All

Time and time I fall into a trap

Trap, fall each time I see and feel your presence

I want to remove these shackles

I do not want to be bitter

I just want to end this all now

I took a leap

A leap of faith

A leap of hope

For the very last time

How it all turns out

No one will know just yet


Alone in the darkness

No one to hold

Empty and unwanted

Silence is my only friend

Not Near Enough

An ocean apart seems better

Than an arm’s length distance

The sweetness of proximity

Is shorter than the bitterness of it


Rather be chasing shooting stars

And be miles away

Compared to seeing the sun

Reach for it but still

Still out of reach somehow


Break the broken

The nearness is a killer

Anytime soon he will take me

Into the dark tunnel we will go

No one knows yet

But I slip further

Eternal takes me

I hope the one’s left behind

Will be ready

Do Me A Favor

Do me a favor and let the rain fall

Let it wash the loneliness this world has come to call

Let the fire burn the sky that’s blue

Let it change the colors and its hue

Let melancholy wrap its hand

Around you at its bosom, and

Let the spark of hope never fade

Let faith guide and come to your aid


Do me a favor and let things come as they are

Your road to happiness isn’t really that far

Good things come to those who wait

So patience love, for it’ll be great!


Forget and try to step closer forward

Looking at left and right

Afraid of going backward


Don’t move too slow

You’ll get there

See the path ahead

Don’t get distracted



Slowly slipping away

I can feel it

Perhaps not feeling it

Trying not to feel it

I just got to accept the fact

I light up! But will dim it now

The time is up

The stage is no longer mine

I guess it never was

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