You do things and say things that make me fall for you

Then you purposely tease me, as if trying to ruin my day and make me blue

I don’t get it, I don’t understand

I’m waiting as if counting a grain of sand

I have no clue

And unsure if I should fall for you


So I sing a song

About being hurt and don’t get me wrong

I don’t mean to make you feel like a jerk

But I guess that’s just how it works

You seem to notice so you start to woe

But see since you made me blue

I thought of giving my attention to another

Because I thouht you wouldn’t bother


You made me jealous and I did the same

We both ended up being hurt in this game

So let’s start over, clean the slate

A little bit of alone time, a little thing called date

Please don’t make me jealous again because it really hurts

I don’t want to feel like dirt


Let’s rid of the green-eyed lady

So we may start going steady