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Maybe I Should Give You Up

True love waits, that’ s what they say

It is patient and does not give up with each passing day

I know that mine is true

But I don’t know about you

How long must I wait?

Because I’m losing hope

I am not liking this state

In my room I mope

I really try to wait some more

I try to be as patient as before

But I am getting tired of this game

We’re not moving anywhere, still stage one all the same


I just wonder if we will ever be

I’m starting to doubt if you feel the same for me

But could we really ever be?

Because it seems it won’t become a reality

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That Song

That song you sang

You sang it in front of the gang

Dedicated it to me

Set my heart free

I call it my own now

Oh how I want to go back to that moment somehow

Make it real, I’m waiting here

As I hold on to that song so dear

It’s the one I will keep for the rest of my life

My pick me up in times of strife


Sing that song to me again

My happy heart is once more regained

I hold on that song

It’s where you and I belong

Once more dedicate it to me

Because I want us to be

That’s why I wait here to see

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Equal and Opposite

When you feel like giving up, don’t

When you grow tired, rest

When it becomes tight, breathe

When you experience heartache, love more

When everything is a blur, going too fast and hard for you to understand

Take time off, slow down, watch the sun rise or gaze at the stars

With every negativity in life,

There is an equal and opposite positivity

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Kissed By The Sun

Oh it’s summer once again

The excitement awaits

Not everyone goes to the beach

Like me, I choose to climb

Rule the mountain!

Trek the adventure

Choose the path less traveled


Under the heat of the majestic sun

Be kissed by its beauty

Marvel at the world

Reach for it with your fingertips

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Midnight Mr. Moon

Smile on me oh Mr. Moon!

I bask under your light

Shine upon this lonely soul

Secretly searching for love

The light of day

The day of light

Burns my very core

I need your soothing hands and smile

Come now Mr. Moon and shine!

I look upon you in earnest

To you I plea

Hear and heal this broken soul

By shining down your light

Show me that moonshine smile

That I may live fully again

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What’s A Kid To Do?

Summer fun

Summer bum

What’s a kid to do?


Run around in circles

Going up and down the stairs

Fly a kite

Marvel at the stars

And stay up late

Watch a movie

Listen to music

Draw a picture

Start a hobby like playing the piano

Play tag

And chat with friends all day


There’s really not much to do during the summer

Oh my! What’s a kid to do?

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The Waiting

A test of patience

And letting it happen

A test of trust

Not letting anything dampen

Whether it might be

Solely for love or life in general

Or simply waiting in line

Never lose hope and go down the spiral

For things that require time,

That let’s you wait

Is always worth it

And is always great

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You have that certain spark

One you can never hide

You are a bright light in the dark

A shoulder to anyone who has cried


You have that certain something

It’s a little hard to explain

People see you’re happy with everything

The world hails you! Your name they exclaim!


You walk on air

And people see joy in you

They can’t help but stare

You have this certain glow in you


Be it confidence or because you’re in love

You inspire everyone around you

It’s something others want to have

But you do it naturally, ever so

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Crowded place makes me nauseous

I do not wish to spend time with anyone

I’d prefer to stay at home and be alone

I am happy being by myself


Or so I pretend to be

Misery is deep within

If only someone could see right through

And save me