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No Rush

Drink me dry then make me whole

Promise me the world

Tell me things I’d like to hear

And show what it’s worth


We both know and it’s starting to show

People are wondering

They tease, they joke, they stare

It overflows no matter how we hide it

But I can wait, I’ve been waiting


Rush not the feelings

Rush not the truth

Wait for that moment

It will be worth it all

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Shine For You

You sang a song

You sang a song for me

And all the things I could be

And it was called yellow


You said they shine

You said they shine for me

Oh what a possibility

But all I wanted was to be with you


You are the one

You are the one for me

Oh tell me that you see

We could be a reality

And we will sing yellow


And if I shine

Know that I shine for you

And what I feel is true

For all we know we could be soulmates



*inspired by the song Yellow by Coldplay which was sang and dedicated to me by a very good friend of mine

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A Space

I have reserved a space in my heart

All just for you

All because I love you

All because you’re worth it

You’re worth it all


I pray you’ll find yourself

Know that I am only waiting

Because that space that I have in my heart

Is reserved just for you

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Sink In

So you haven’t thought much of it

You haven’t really realized it

I know you’re trying not to think about what’s going to happen

I know that in your mind, you’re collecting memories

You’re trying to spend more time

You need not worry though

Because I’ll find ways to be able to spend time with you


Once it sinks in,

Don’t let the feeling overwhelm you

Just know that you have me…..always

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Just Trust

Why do you fear the unknown?

Why must you try to know everything?

Why couldn’t you just let it be?

Learn to trust

To earn the trust


Now is your chance

Your opportunity

To build it, care for it

Let it grow


Not seeing does not mean the end

It means a way to show that you truly trust

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Bond Through Music

Whenever I miss you, whenever I’m down

I listen to one of your favorite songs

It gives a smile to my frown

And it’s right where I belong


The melody, the lyrics, engulfs my soul

I close my eyes and I see you, feel you’re near

I feel the rhythm, my heart it stole

Just like how you would remove all my fears


I cuddle myself as I listen and feel each beat

to the beat of my own heart

We may not see each other often now

But I pray the music that binds us

will help us get through this somehow

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Coffee In The End

Mornings would not be complete

If coffee is not within reach

You put your hands up,

As a sign of defeat

You move slow, slower than a turtle

Taking each step so slow

Never jumping any hurdle

So you drag yourself to stay up

When will the zombie mode stop?

Point taken and lesson learned

No matter what,

You’ll need coffee before the day ends

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Already, I Miss You

I think about the dreadful day

Slowly creeping

We will not see each other as often as I wanted us to be

I pray that if there is something

Whatever this something going on between us

Would not end, would not die

Would go on, would stay strong

I’ll wait until you are ready

To love fully again

I pray you and I will be

It doesn’t matter how long I have to wait

As long as it is for you

And as long as you’ll call me to be yours


Know that I have given you my heart

I do not need demonstrations of love

Just that you give your heart to me

The same way I have given mine to yours

I will miss you terribly

But know that I will and have loved you fully