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Moon Smile

The moon smiles up in the sky

And I can’t help but smile back

Always in awe of her beauty

How lovely is the moon’s smile

How gorgeous is she

How lucky I am to witness such beauty


I thank God for the moment given

I thank God for sharing His wondrous creation


On I went to work at early dawn

With the moon as great company

Smiling brightly like it has for so many times

I Bet

I bet you didn’t think I’d make it

I bet you thought I was going to stay down…down…down

Not anymore and never again

I’m stronger than you think I am

More powerful than imagined

More determined than ever


No backing out

I’ll face the storm

Because I bet at the back of your mind

You thought I was going to quit


Life isn’t going nowhere

Where are you headed?

Off to escape the world but you have to face it still

at some point

You feel you’te stuck and no place to go

You feel monotonous

But flip the page right side up

You may be looking at it the wrong way

And perhaps you’ll find that you’re not that stuck after all

Oh My Mother!

Mother prepares meals everyday

She does it with love and care

She maintains her gracefulness, with a little sway

Her love overflows and she’ s always fair


Mother gets up early and sleeps late

She’s a multi-tasker and always on call

She gives everything; even the food on her plate

She’ s always there to catch you if you fall


Oh mother! My mother! How I love thee.

Let me be the one to care and carry you now

A burden, you are not for you are the center of me

I’ll help you with whatever, for you taught me well and showed me how

The Little Things

Little things…..little things count the most

Never let the little things pass you by

Hurting….hurting keeps you strong

Pray for strength to bear it

Believe, never lose hope

Be thankful and keep the faith….


Me Time

The day slowly fades

And suddenly it starts again

Lazy day from all that rush and stress

Taking it easy

Taking your time

Forget about your worries

Today is your day

Your “me” time

Alone time

The Darkened Room

Peering through the darkness

The vast emptiness

Out into the unknown

The light is devoured by the blankness

Hidden from sight and silently

Takes a soul apart

Alone in the darkened room

With nothing but tears for friends

The fear is evident as the black void

Grows ever slowly and surely

Would You Be My BF?

Would you be my sun,

the one that shines and greets my morning bright?

Would you be my clouds,

that shades me and hides me from sight?

Would you be my star,

the one that twinkles beautifully?

Would you be my moon,

that keeps me company nightly?

Would you be the one who loves and accepts me,

just as I am?

Would you be the one to hold me when I’m troubled

and keep me calm?

These I ask and would you answer

Let me know if you would be……


….my best friend


I think I’m over thinking

Thinking this all over again

Over and over, slowly I pace

Thinking things with things I think about


I’m an over thinker

Thinking too much

Too fast


Here I go all over again

Thinking over and over again

A Piece Of Advice

Hold your head up higher and higher

But keep your feet grounded

Never float


Be happy with where you’re at…

….What you’ve accomplished

You’ve earned them well


But do not boast

Never be bitter

Learn to listen, listen well and actively


Be busy if you must

Just don’t forget to take time off

And enjoy what really matters


Be happy, be content

Reach for your dreams

Get up when you stumble


It is never easy

But it does get better

Just keep these in mind

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