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The Night With The Stars

I heard the stars talking, whispering in the night

They bask under the full Moon’s beautiful light

When I shed tears they catched it all and

they taught me how to shine

Now they’re up and about again

while I watch them dance as I dine


Oh night sky!

Oh moonshine!

Lovely are thee

Thank you for the serenade

It has filled me with such glee!

Oh stars, oh stars!

Shining ever brighter

You have taught me to become stronger


As I tuck myself to bed

And rest this tired and weary head

I think and thank the stars once more

Happier am I now than ever before

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Up, up give up (My Plea)

I hide and I cower in fear

Been hit hard sharply by a spear

I cried and collected each tear

Hoping someone would help, see or hear

I’m tired of staying strong

I don’t think I can go on

This has been going on for so long

I feel like I’m doing everything wrong

Someone help me, please rescue me

I can’t go on or let this be

I still wish to end up happily

Help me please and don’t say maybe

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Talking To You

Talking to you, feeling at ease

Always fun to express my thoughts and feelings

Since you sincerely and attentively listen


Days of darkness and cold

Seem like a sunny day with you around

Brighter than any light that shines

Always looking forward to being close to you

Let’s get together again….

Let’s talk

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A Sad Reality

We started as friends but something happened inside me, that’s how the song goes

Yet this separation is killing me

All my fears arose, all my woes

Still I hope and I pray

That we don’t forget even if we part ways

Let me face the sad reality of not being close to you like before but please

Just don’t shut me out completely

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On Being Jealous

This heart knows only one thing and that it’s beating for you

I gave my heart to you long time ago

I knew that one day you’d make it blue


Yet no love is perfect, except that of our Almighty

So I did not take back what I gave

Hoping you’d see I’d be your one and only


A situation happens leaving me to doubt and hurt

You say one thing and do another

Should I just stop this feeling inside and avert?


Your heart for mine is all I want

And now it’s crushed

You try to explain but I don’t wish to listen

My heart has been hurt, it’s now mum and hushed


Still you try to explain but when jealousy creeps

It plays a masterful trick

Leaving my body unspoken, shivering and sick


Let the pain go away

Better struck dead than slowly be eaten and wasted

by this jealousy from within

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Obvious Oblivious

Clearly things are not so clear

The complication rises

And everything is a blur

When one heart feels the intensity

While the other seems too far

Even with great sincerity

It seems all for nothing

What with both not knowing the real score

Not knowing what the other feels

It’s plain to see that both are clueless with what the other feels

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To gain something is good

To gain weight isn’t

Unless skin and bones and bones and skin

You take control and lose it all

Only to gain it all back in a matter of seconds

Sometimes you gain more

Such trouble it has caused


But I take control

I refuse to gain it all back

I lost them and lost they shall remain

To gain confidence is the goal

And it shall be

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A lot to care for

A lot to love

A lot to devote time

And whatever you have

A lot to be thankful

A lot to be nice about

A lot to show honesty

And erase that sad pout

A lot to be sad for

But a lot to be happy

For things always get better

Since a lot of things are yet to come

And I for one, couldn’t be any wiser