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Best Hug

I missed you, I really did

Things have gone too fast,

I can’t keep up with the speed.


I tried ignoring it, told myself to leave it be

Yet sadness enveloped me

The distance, so near yet so far hurts most


I missed our laughs, our jokes

Loud voices ringing

Disturbing some folks

But we go on anyway and let them know this friendship is strong


I hugged you, which I never did before

How could I?

When secretly I longed to be more than your friend

But the misery has been eating me up, I just had to do it


Took a lot of courage to come up and hug you

Told you how much I missed you

Guess it showed or perhaps even overflowed

since you hugged me right back


Glad to know our friendship persists

And that in your world I after all exist

I look forward to seeing you once more, my friend

Thank you for giving me

one of the best hugs in the world


A story teller, a writer, and sometimes, a poet.

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