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I Don’t Know How To Rhyme

I wanted to write something

something that would rhyme

I tried my very best

but I failed everytime.


I thought of the sun, the moon,

the birds, the trees;

I thought of the night, the light

the rain and the seas.


Somehow it did not make sense

the words were flat

I held the pen for as long as I could

then gave up and there I just sat


Rhyming was just too hard

it certainly is for me

so I gave it all up.

Looking at this now I see the rhymes,

but how can that be?


A story teller, a writer, and sometimes, a poet.

7 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How To Rhyme

  1. Most literary magazines don’t look twice at rhyming poetry. For them, “good” poetry should be free verse. It is really all about preference. I like rhyme because it is soothing to my ears and mind. But I also like free verse. Your rhymes sounded great to me. 🙂


      1. haha. thanks a lot. yeah, there are people thinking for a poem to be a poem, they have to rhyme. I dedicate this to such people.


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