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Pushing Forty

pushing forty, like pushing a roller coaster

and I don’t understand

you’re alive, they call you old

you die, they say too young


all the effort to look younger

but the young longs to be older


pushing further or pulling back?

isn’t age just a number?


for now I am 15 years away

but I look forward to pushing forty

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The Moon In Your Hands

if you hold the moon in your hands,

the stars will follow soon.

for if the moon on the sky disappears,

it takes everything else along with it.

and if by chance the sun would ask

what you have done with it,

make sure to answer straight and true

or risk yourself of burning.


if you hold the moon in your hands,

be careful not to drop it.

for precious gems are hard to find

you certainly won’t find anything else like it.


I used to hold the moon in my hands

but then I came to realize

something so beautiful should be shared

so I placed it back to the sky.

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Bayan Ko (My Country)

Ang bayan kong Pilipinas
Lupain ng ginto’t bulaklak
Pag-ibig na sa kanyang palad
Nag-alay ng ganda’t dilag.

At sa kanyang yumi at ganda
Dayuhan ay nahalina
Bayan ko, binihag ka
Nasadlak sa dusa.

Ibon mang may layang lumipad
kulungin mo at umiiyak
Bayan pa kayang sakdal dilag
Ang di magnasang makaalpas!

Pilipinas kong minumutya
Pugad ng luha ko’t dalita
Aking adhika,
Makita kang sakdal laya.

-José Corazón de Jesús-

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Inanimate Eyes

Blue jewel

like the sea so calm, so deep……so mysterious

It smiles

Hides the truth and shows falseness

Oh! what a lovely sight are they


They sparkle ever so brightly that

You do not see they are nothing but genuinely fake

They are harsh

Unkempt and untamed


They pretend to be the best of you

They are paranoia, emptiness

Yet when they stare down at you

You see nothing but the prettiest

inanimate eyes

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Bestest Best Friend

She was sunlight, I was the moon

Loved the rain but she likes it sunny

Things we liked and things we hated

Agreed to disagree

We made some compromise

Friends when we were young

And until we will grow old

Though not often we spend time

I know, not even the galaxy

can tear the friendship she and I share

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The Nightmare Before Dawn

hungry eyes pierced me

like daggers

or eagle’s talons


I bled…almost to death

but I ran

I hid

not before long they found me again


monstrous eyes

big, round and grey

ever watchful as I take each step

and run away


haunting voice I hear

whispers in my ear

“Turn around!”, it said


in the mirror I saw myself

It was I but not the me that I knew of

then I awoke shaking