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hold on to the thought

slowly slipping away

the thought that made me reach out

to the moon


the one I wanted to recall but couldn’t

for the memory is starting to fade

like old paper

or old film


the thought that comes to mind

and then forgotten



forever lost? not quite

just a little case of amnesia

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they say I’ll be lonely, that I’ll grow old alone

so they tell me to find someone, as if the one that

I would love grows on trees


as if like apples

I can just easily take a pick

and put whoever he is in my basket


they make it sound like I should go on shopping

hit the grocery store or the market

and start going through my list


why can’t they understand that I’m fine?

that I prefer it this way?

that I prayed to God about it,

that I am in no hurry,

that settling down would mean difficulty

for both my parents


I stand firm but never am I alone

being single never equates to loneliness

I am the exception to whatever rule

you may have in mind


I refuse their pressure

I know they will never understand

and I don’t need them to

for I know what I want

and I know what makes me happy


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Would I had waked this morn where Florence smiles,
A-bloom with beauty, a white rose full-blown,
Yet rich in sacred dust, in storied stone,
Precious past all the wealth of Indian isles-
From olive-hoary Fiesole to feed
On Brunelleschi’s dome my hungry eye,
And see against the lotus-colored sky,
Spring the slim belfry graceful as a reed.
To kneel upon the ground where Dante trod,
To breathe the air of immortality
From Angelo and Raphael-TO BE-
Each sense new-quickened by a demi-god.
To hear the liquid Tuscan speech at whiles,
From citizen and peasant, to behold
The heaven of Leonardo washed with gold-
Would I had waked this morn where Florence smile!

-Emma Lazarus-

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the pillow is hard, the bed is full of air

my eyes will never close.


I keep them open ’til they’re numb

but my old friend still won’t come

for the Sandman seems to have forgotten me

yet again.


I try everything

toss, tumble —- tumble and toss

the sheets are everywhere

and still I am awake


I envy the dreamer with his peaceful sleep

off to dreamland…miles away


I lie here in this world of insomniacs

haunted by the dreams that never come.

The sun is slowly creeping up

while sleep still eludes me

I may forever be a prisoner of this sleepless land

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Ice Full of Cream

I tried the strawberry full of berries

before going for the rockies of the rocky road

There were cookies in a cream and the pistachio

The coffee crumbled while the mango floated

then I tried the Double Dutch.

Went loco for the choco before diving in

for the banana

Hazel went a little bit nut

and I ate the rainbow

Sprinkled some marshmallow and I’m almost done.

I saved the best for last,

so I slobbered all over vanilla

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As I Sleep

as I close my eyes to sleep

I pray my guardian angel keep watch

until tomorrow, or until the Lord takes my soul


I pray that I have done good for the day

enough for me to be saved


as I close my eyes to sleep

if given another day to live,

may I treasure it and do more kindness than yesterday


and if I close my eyes for the final sleep

I hope and pray to leave a legacy

that I may be proud of

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Give Out The Heart

the night was young and so was boy

as he waited for the fair full moon

he held his heart out for someone dear

but she was nowhere to be found

he waited ’til midnight yet girl

did not arrive


so boy went home with broken heart

despair and sorrow.

he then spoke to the stars and made

a promise

told them he would never fall

or give out his love

as they all cried in unison

one star fell from the sky

for it wanted to give its heart out for the boy

just like what it did so long before

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A June Night

Ten o’clock: the broken moon
Hangs not yet a half hour high,
Yellow as a shield of brass,
In the dewy air of June,
Poised between the vaulted sky
And the ocean’s liquid glass.

Earth lies in the shadow still;
Low black bushes, trees, and lawn
Night’s ambrosial dews absorb;
Through the foliage creeps a thrill,
Whispering of yon spectral dawn
And the hidden climbing orb.

Higher, higher, gathering light,
Veiling with a golden gauze
All the trembling atmosphere,
See, the rayless disk grows white!
Hark, the glittering billows pause!

Faint, far sounds possess the ear.
Elves on such a night as this
Spin their rings upon the grass;
On the beach the water-fay
Greets her lover with a kiss;
Through the air swift spirits pass,
Laugh, caress, and float away.

Shut thy lids and thou shalt see
Angel faces wreathed with light,
Mystic forms long vanished hence.
Ah, too fine, too rare, they be
For the grosser mortal sight,
And they foil our waking sense.

Yet we feel them floating near,
Know that we are not alone,
Though our open eyes behold
Nothing save the moon’s bright sphere,
In the vacant heavens shown,
And the ocean’s path of gold.

-Emma Lazarus-