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Wouldn’t You Know It

Silence can be a friend but in this case was a foe

For in the time of need, it left me hanging

The weighing scale was unbalanced, I couldn’t see it

I should have known


In silence he told more but I was deaf

The signs were gibberish

I could not understand

If only I stopped to think about them


But it was left at that, the dead silence crept

And suddenly we’re miles apart

Not knowing what was really felt inside

I was waiting, he was shy

Who would have thought?


A candle was lit but it grew dim

The fire spread quickly until the secret was lost

The puzzle was completed

The mystery solved

Too late it was though for he had someone now


We had an understanding

Little did I know and little did he know

And when we both knew….

….well, wouldn’t you know it

It could have been us