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Like A Teen Once More

Why do I light up when I see you?

A smile I try to hide

Lately it’s been obvious, the way you stop and stare

The way you’d say “hello” or “hi”

I just know what it means


Though I can’t help but still doubt

If the way I read the signs is right

I can’t help but think I’m right

Crossing fingers, and hope that I am


Our greetings are now more frequent than before

Although not quite there yet

But this is better than before

I feel the butterflies again


I know it sounds a little cliché

a bit childish as well

But you’ve made me feel like

a teenager once again

Like you’re my first crush

Like I have not been on this ride before


The end may not be

As sweet as I would think it would be

None of it matters though

The journey I surely enjoyed