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Something Sweet

It may just be me or a trick of the light

But there seems to be fondness,

His eyes full of delight

Whenever he looks my way

It may be nothing, I may just be imagining

Maybe I’m just blinded

by the fact that I like him

But then he’s never had that look on me before

He steals a glance, or so I think

I sense he’s looking my way

Or I could just be paranoid

A hint of jealousy, at least that’s what I see

When he sees me around this other guy

A friend of mine, a very good one

Seems like he’s cautious with him

This game we play can be tiresome at times

But silly me thinks there’s something sweet about it

We play this hide and seek, ’til we run out

of excuses to hide

I hope that day would come, sooner than later

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