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The Girl on Earth

I am aware, as I stare into space

That she’s looking up with that gentle face

Wishing some sort of impossible wish

As I lay here bathing in anguish

I know she wishes me to return home

It’s been far too long since I’ve roamed

I explored the stars, navigated the galaxies

It wasn’t all with no difficulties

Stars shot at me and I missed her more

These hands and feet wandered and now are sore

I’d like to see the beach and the trees

The flowers, butterflies and the bees

I do miss her gentleness, her sweet caress

Her smile, her eyes together with that lovely dress

I miss her so, I’ve been alone too long

Time to go back where I belong

Wait for me like you’ve been waiting all these years

Girl on Earth, I shall wipe away those tears

I made this poem in response to a previous poem I created titled, The Man on the Moon, back in June 2012. I know, why did it take so long? I ask myself the same question. Here’s the link:

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