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Stick Figure

as I walk the catwalk called life

all eyes fall on me and the room is at a stand still

immediately they criticize me

the way I look, the way I dress, I talk, I smile

every inch of me they scrutinize


but my body, my weight, is what they notice most

too big and bulky, can’t fit a size two

like an elephant of a whale or whatever it is that’s big

people immediately think negatively


so I starve myself to try to fit in

so I can be accepted

so all the teasing can finally stop

and finally I can be beautiful


and then my cheekbones peek, my hips much fit

my waistline all trimmed down

but it is still not enough, I still have to slim down


so I refuse to eat, deny myself of whatever food there is

have to be as thin as a stick

as what they all want me to be


but somehow in a state of panic

they all rush towards me

they prefer the perky girl, the one with the chubby arms

compared to this thing in front of them

who’s dying to be thin


I showed them who I was

and who they wanted me to be

but in the end it didn’t matter

as the figure has shattered to pieces

forever irreparable