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at the break of dawn I whisked away

into that midnight sky

to meet and greet such a glorious day

and leave the lonely one behind


I took comfort on the clouds

and lay there waiting for the sun

while the people of Earth lay sleeping

dreaming of countless things


I waited for it to rise

for I wanted to be the first to say,

“The Lord has risen! Let us rejoice!”

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In Paradise

I took a train and rode off

away from the sadness, pain and suffering

all night we went on, passing city to city


my heart grew weary of the home I used to know

yet excited to arrive at a place eternal

home, where I will be…..soon

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I Took A Chance

a cliff stood before me and a choice I have to make

go back to whence I came

or onwards towards the cliff


what await beyond the cliff?

I do not know


will I fall to my death or is it merely a small step down?

is there something great waiting for me?

or is it a trap to fail?


so many things ran through my mind

and I took a step back

I then ran towards the cliff

not knowing what will become of me

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the stars are out with a piercing arrow

a dagger beneath the moon

the sky bled for thirty days and the bodies burnt for thirty more


a black heart has cursed the land

decaying every crop

the rottenness of ones heart

has created a plague so devastating


a stream that flows black ash

cannot be resurrected

as the sword has pierced deep


man’s wickedness is shown greatly at war

and yet somehow, there is still that kindness

no matter how small may it be

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Needless Needle

the needle’s eye pierces through

the cloth bleeds

as it clots once more by the thread that passes

it hurts all over again


a prick in the hand may not hurt much

yet the pain is searing

a single teardrop falls


I wince and the needle stares back

so I resume hurting the cloth once more

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For You, My Friend

If the your world goes heavy from the weight of the crown

If all your troubles are pulling you down

If everyone else is making you frown

I’ll keep your head up so you won’t drown

We’ll go out, have fun and paint red the town

I’m here for you friend

I’m here until the end

A lifetime I will spend

Just for you, my precious friend



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Out Of Time

I’m out of time and out of excuses,

Out of breath and full of bruises.

I’m out of luck and of sympathy,

Working on a music without symphony.

Things have gone awry

Making me worry


What would you do

If you knew,

Your time is running out?