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The Day The Sun Wept

weeping sun from whence you came ; you came forth, came down and left this world maim

held to your bosom, the Earth crackled and creaked but you kept silent and did not speak

sunlight warm now colder than ice ; I called out to you not once or twice but thrice

you shrugged and turned away, melting through feeling the betray

the secrets you kept shattered glasses bleed ; that’s what you get in return for their greed

seek comfort from the rain, shelter from the grey clouds then look back and see me wrapped in shrouds

you left us with a dying breath hot air on winter’s last days of death

come back and shine bright once more, shake it lose and bury ‘neath the core

your return I will await ’til you come out from this state

the sky will be for now darkened once you’re back there, we will all awaken


A story teller, a writer, and sometimes, a poet.

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