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Cross My Heart

I can’t promise I won’t hurt you

I can’t promise I won’t lie

I won’t say you’ll never be blue

or that you’ll never cry

I can’t promise you forever

as I won’t live that long

But I’ll promise you a lifetime

full of meaning, full of rhyme

I can’t do everything you ask

though I’ll try to do the household task

One thing I can promise though

despite my imperfections

Is that I’ll love you and that it’ll always be true

this I promise, cross my heart

and you’ll never hear any objections

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God Forgives

I walked a mile but He cut me short

told me to look back and not to retort

I walked the path but went astray

I somehow forgot that I should pray

A stern reminder from Him shook me from sleep

I realized I’ve been way into deep

Despite my sins, He forgave me still

With open arms He welcomed me with such a thrill

His heart bleeds yet he still waited for me

He still says that he loves me

Whatever wrong I’ve done, He’s forgiven me

All I have to do now, is to follow on swiftly

He forgives and He always does

And it is He loves us, just because

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No more, No more

According to fate, it’s meant to be

You and I together happily

I won’t hold back and hide anymore

Let me show you what I have in stored

This feeling grows stronger day by day

I’d like to hear what you might say

Shall we ride in your chariot and run towards the sunset?

Or will you leave me here hanging and feeling upset?

You can’t fight fate as it’s all clear now

You and I will end up together somehow

I can see it now and I won’t hold back

We’re on our way this is the right track

‘Til then I’ll wait, no holds barred

No holding back, no more, no more

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The Nice Guy

Why is he the one that always finishes last?
Makes him feel like nothing
He hates being the nice guy
Always getting told he’s to nice
The Nice Guy
For once in his life can he finish first?
For once can people stop saying he is to
Can someone give him a chance for once?
He is tired to being himself
He is tired of being to
Please people give him a chance
The Nice Guy

-Keith Young-

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From Within

I am alive but dead inside

I sold my soul to someplace else

now I am in between


I cover my eyes for fear of what I might see

and what I have seen

Grounded, stuck to the ground

chained by my fears of insanity


I wreak havoc within me

though I may look at peace from the outside

I hear nothing

only the screams that deafen me


This is what no one sees

my inside mind so chaotic you’d get lost

and pray you’ll go mad


Nothing is what it seems

when it comes to my mind

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I Am That Girl…

…the one by the coffee machine racking it down

simply standing still, not making a sound.

…the one your friends call nerdy who looks like a clown

but hey, at least I got my feet on the ground.

…the one by the pool not saying a word, not speaking

ignored by everyone, invisible like the wind.

…the one in the library not a friend and sulking

somehow lost, waiting for someone to stop being blind

…living by the street, scraping for food

day to day is a struggle.

…who can’t make up her mind, always has a swinging mood

always in hand is a bagel.


Yes! This me whether you like it or not

this is who I am, that’s what I’ve got

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A Pencil’s Ballad

the pencil died in vain, retired too young

rejected when it was still able

forgotten while it lay nearby

erased in memory


sketched away by the so-called electronics

mere devices, incapable without their life support called batteries

now it sits in one place

full of dust

in the corner, buried while still living


it missed the days of sharpening and erasing

leaving its mark

but that was the past, the pencil wished it could have last

it cries, wishing it could disintegrate into thin air

’til a lonely child found it

and wrote a poem as a dedication

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The Day The Sun Wept

weeping sun from whence you came ; you came forth, came down and left this world maim

held to your bosom, the Earth crackled and creaked but you kept silent and did not speak

sunlight warm now colder than ice ; I called out to you not once or twice but thrice

you shrugged and turned away, melting through feeling the betray

the secrets you kept shattered glasses bleed ; that’s what you get in return for their greed

seek comfort from the rain, shelter from the grey clouds then look back and see me wrapped in shrouds

you left us with a dying breath hot air on winter’s last days of death

come back and shine bright once more, shake it lose and bury ‘neath the core

your return I will await ’til you come out from this state

the sky will be for now darkened once you’re back there, we will all awaken

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Cry For A Dying Country

cry for the nation, cry for my country that is ill ; cry for the stillness, cry for we choose to keep mum

cry for the cruelty that ravages the land, removed of their will

cry for poverty and the hope that doesn’t seem to come

cry for the bombs that fall and continue to fall

cry for the children left orphan or to never grow up

cry for peace, if it may come at all

cry for the sufferings that mar this empty cup

cry ’til the tears dry up, ’til the soldiers come back

cry for all this to end, ’til the house is a home again

cry ’til we can sing and dance, ’til the sky is no longer black

cry ’til we heal, find silence at last

cry for the children
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I got busy and did not mind the time

But when I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock

I realized you’ve left and the wind chime broke


I could not turn back time, it was all to late

I wanted you to come back

and tell you


you forgot your lunch