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The Donut Chronicles

I’d like some sprinkles on top of the glaze

it’s colorful and yummy and always the craze

Top it with bits of chocolates, it wouldn’t hurt

make sure you eat slowly,

don’t mess your shirt


how about a pineapple filled donut

with a hint of cinnamon

that’ll surely tickle your taste buds

it’s like happiness in a bun

maybe next I’ll try one flavored with strawberry

or perhaps one that is with blueberry

I wouldn’t mind trying a different flavor

like that one with cherry


Let’s put some peanuts and bananas

let’s do an experiment

why don’t we include something different?

maybe one filled with mint?


I’d like to try one that is peach filled

or a double chocolate deluxe

I’m sure people would line up to buy

even if it’s worth a couple of bucks


Whatever flavor you prefer

I’m sure you’ll agree with me

Donuts are sumptuous, delectable, colorful

and oh so very tasty