I waited in line and got bored to death

so I let my imagination fly…


I first went to outer space, all the way

to the moon and back.

The people inline didn’t even notice I’ve gone


So I went on another trip

to the future far away — where cars fly

and hover from the ground,

Where pollution is a thing of the past

and sidewalks move like that of the Jetsons


Then under the sea I went.

Befriended fish and sharks alike ;

ate seaweeds and plankton, which I didn’t like.


I then went halfway around the world.

In Japan I met a real Samurai,

Guam and Hawaii where I learned to surf.


But then I got pulled back to reality

finally it was my turn.

If the line had been a bit longer,

I would have stopped at Mt. Everest

and ate shaved ice