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Pen Soaked Coffee

shower me down the warmth of coffee

fill up my empty mind so I may write the words I wish to

appear on paper, still clean and blank

the title has been made but still the contents are lost

somehow I need to find them and get them all together


the mug is filled with the liquid that keeps me warm

yet it’s empty with the words I wish to share

I rack my brain to shake loose whatever creativity is left

I’m distracted from my surroundings so I let the music fill my ears

Ideas come slow, I wish they would flood and drown me

but somehow it’s barren as the desert


third coffee already and not half way through

seems my pen is stuck in limbo

I have to make it work

let me lie wide awake in daydream

maybe the poem will create itself for me

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I watch them pass me by. They walk without noticing

They go on with their daily, normal lives

I…….I have seen it all

been through it all, and all over again

Life, I’ve been there and done it all

I chose this

“A gift!”, they said. But I know better

I’ve lived every day, every time, every year, every decade

Wishing, wanting all of it to end

I’ve had enough!

I’ll walk this Earth damned, cursed……forever

for all time, for all eternity

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My Soul

When I die, I wonder where I’ll be

I wonder if I have condemned myself

to eternal damnation.

I have strayed, too far away from where I was

from where I’m supposed to be.

Have I cursed myself?

I think I have

I know I have

I’ve buried myself in temptation

in Earthly possessions

I have lost my way

In truth, I chose to get lost

I have forsaken myself.

The time to act is now

The time to go back to the path I once was is now

There is still time

for me

for you

for all of us

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No Ressurrection

Friendship, when a friend meant a helping sword,
Faithfulness, when power and life were its fruits, hatred, when the hated
Held steel at your throat or had killed your children, were more than metaphors.
Life and the world were as bright as knives.

But now, if I should recall my ruins
From the grass-roots and build my body again in the heavy grave,
Twist myself naked up through the earth like a strong white worm,
Tip the great stone, gulp the white air,

And live once more after long ages
In the change of the world: I should find the old human affections hollowed.
Should I need a friend? No one will really stab me from behind,
The people in the land of the living walk weaponless.

Should I hate an enemy? The evil-doers
Are pitiable now. Or to whom be faithful? Of whom seek faith?
Who has eaten of the victor’s feast and shared the fugitive silence
Of beaten men on the mountain: suffer

Resurrection to join this midge-dance
Of gutted and multiplied echoes of life in the latter sun?
Dead man, be quiet. A fool of a merchant, who’d sell good earth
And grass again to make modern flesh.

-Robinson Jeffers-

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out of nowhere it came.

the uninvited guest came without notice, without warning

it poured, droplets at first

then like a storm wrecking havoc, it washed away

every aspect of happiness, every memory

every smile

bit by bit it tore down flesh and blood

insides churned and suddenly the world was quite

as if it shifted and ended, just because

the rain clouds were upon you

I know, I was there

I saw


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You Are

You are the summer’s day, the winter sky, the moonless night

You are magical, mystical, the breath of fresh and precious air

You are the one that captivates my soul

the one that gives joy and pain, and breaks me, molds me

inspires me to my breaking point

You are milk to my honey, creamer to my coffee

sugar to my candy, butter to my French toast

You make me crazy……just a little

but then again you are the one that keeps me sane

You are the shoulder I can lean on

the friend I’ve always depended on

the love that is forever true


All these you are and so much more

no words could ever describe

the way you are to me


(I dedicate this to my aunt on her birthday and to me parents who are and will always be my inspiration. )


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The Donut Chronicles

I’d like some sprinkles on top of the glaze

it’s colorful and yummy and always the craze

Top it with bits of chocolates, it wouldn’t hurt

make sure you eat slowly,

don’t mess your shirt


how about a pineapple filled donut

with a hint of cinnamon

that’ll surely tickle your taste buds

it’s like happiness in a bun

maybe next I’ll try one flavored with strawberry

or perhaps one that is with blueberry

I wouldn’t mind trying a different flavor

like that one with cherry


Let’s put some peanuts and bananas

let’s do an experiment

why don’t we include something different?

maybe one filled with mint?


I’d like to try one that is peach filled

or a double chocolate deluxe

I’m sure people would line up to buy

even if it’s worth a couple of bucks


Whatever flavor you prefer

I’m sure you’ll agree with me

Donuts are sumptuous, delectable, colorful

and oh so very tasty


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My Bucket List

So many things to do in life,

I wonder where I should start

So I thought of making a list

since it’s easier than making a chart.


I’d like to ride a roller coaster,

just cause I like to scream with my hands up in the air

I’d like to ride a helicopter too

feel the excitement and the wind in my hair


I’d like to go on a European tour

and inhale the magnificent views

I’d like to go to the Caribbean too

enjoy the sea with their wondrous hues


I’d like to dive at Tubbataha reef

see the beauty under the sea

I’d like to watch a live concert

I’d prefer if I could see it for free


I have  yet to finish my list

I’d like to finish it before I die

Because I’d like to do these things

before forever saying goodbye

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I Told A Joke

don’t try to be funny

or you’ll in end up like me

famous as can be

on the cover of jokes for dummies

don’t try to pull a joke

if you’re just going to choke

you might end up like a frog and croak

might as well your eye, you poke

I’ve learned my lesson and I’ve learned it well

a joke I will never ever tell

i’ll stick to writing poetry

at least, it’s easy as one, two, three

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Do we not see the poison that is eating our world?

It’s slowly creeping up yet we refuse to see

We turn away and shun all the obvious reasons

Blinded are we


We choose to be blind

We choose not to see

We refuse to believe

that the world is dying

That society has gone mad

That we are poisoning ourselves

Killing ourselves

We are the cause of our own destruction

We choose to be blind

and blinded we will remain

When will we accept the truth?

the fact?

that we are on the brink of extinction

From the cruelty that we have spawned

From the evil of our ways

Unless we come accept

we will forever roam in the dark

continue to be blinded by the poison

we ourselves have all become