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Delusions of a Lunatic

I crave flesh, I hunger and I thirst

people do not understand that the moon

is but a symbol

and nothing more

They come for me from all over

shadows everywhere – no light touches my face

I see them, they’re coming for me

but no one, no one understands


I demand freedom, consistency and peace

yet they laugh their scornful faces

as if I am nothing but trash

they mourn for me even if I’m still alive

They pity me the cowards they are

they don’t understand

I’m trapped with the illusions

these so-called delusions

They don’t understand that I see what they fail to


I laugh at the sanity

that they think is real

Poor wretched souls, I weep for them in silence

while here I am

I crave flesh, I hunger, I thirst

for the moon is upon us